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Spam Nation: How the Demand for Cheap Prescription Drugs Is Endangering Americans, Threatening National Security and Enriching the Cybercrime Underworld
Brian Krebs
What Do You Do With a Chocolate Jesus?: An Irreverent History of Christianity
Thomas Quinn
How Music Works
David Byrne

The Inverted World

The Inverted World - Christopher Priest Audible guided review:

"Underwhelming-did Priest only write 1 good novel?"

Would you try another book from Christopher Priest and/or Steven Cree?
Christopher Priest books are a mixed bag - The Prestige was excellent, but the 2 others I've read are mediocre.

What was most disappointing about Christopher Priest’s story?
The premise is intriguing but the story is boring and the ending is really soft and lame.

What didn’t you like about Steven Cree’s performance?
The thick Scottish accent is really off-putting. I kept expecting him to start singing a Proclaimers song.....

You didn’t love this book... but did it have any redeeming qualities?
I think the author wrote this book for the right reasons - for art's sake - but its just a boring and unsatisfying tale.