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Spam Nation: How the Demand for Cheap Prescription Drugs Is Endangering Americans, Threatening National Security and Enriching the Cybercrime Underworld
Brian Krebs
What Do You Do With a Chocolate Jesus?: An Irreverent History of Christianity
Thomas Quinn
How Music Works
David Byrne


Columbine - Dave Cullen A very detailed account of the lead up and aftermath of the Columbine massacre, covering both the incident and the media coverage. I finished the book with something vaguely resembling empathy for one of the killers, complete contempt and disgust for the other, and appalled at the ignorance of the warning signs that some people obviously saw, and brought to the attention of both the killers's parents and the police. It could probably been abridged slightly - some of the bios of victims or school personnel are too detailed. This is also a story that demonstrates that despite some parents best intentions and efforts, sometimes their children just make baffling and horrendously evil decisions.